When you’re travelling to any place in the world, you want to get a feel for everything about the place so you can truly have a great time there. We feel like most new travellers still haven’t caught on to the fact that they need to observe architecture just as much as anything else in a certain area. Let’s say that you’re travelling to New Castle, for example. Now there’s obviously a lot to experience here on a vacation; there’s food, there’s all these new trends that you’ve never seen before, the people are great but there’s also buildings here that have over a thousand years of history behind them.

A thousand years?! That has to be some kind of an exaggeration, right? Wrong! Yes, there are certain buildings that are still in use and standing tall all over New Castle that have been around for generations and they have some equally well-kept stories to tell as well. The City of New Castle may still be evolving constantly but that doesn’t mean that it’s left any of its history behind and nothing captures and preserves history better than architecture.

Team Build Construction is a New Castle construction company and just like any good construction company in the world, Team Build Construction is very passionate about architecture. If you’re travelling to New Castle for the first time, then there’s no way you’re ready to leave without having a look at some of New Castle’s most iconic ancient buildings.

To make things easier for you, Team Build Construction has made a list of 5 must see buildings of New Castle which you can check out at http://www.teambuildconstruction.co.uk/newcastles-most-iconic-buildings/. Be sure to bring along a tour guide and learn all you can about what happened within the walls of these buildings over the course of centuries they’ve seen.

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