We all know that there are three dimensions, at least three dimensions that we experience and are certainly real. We also know that there is a possibility of there being more than just these three dimensions out there, however, we should not expect them to be as big as the three dimensions that we experience. A recent study has revealed that the dimensions experienced on Earth are the same as what the rest of the universe experiences.

Scientists conducted a study that involved using two types of telescopes to see the way gravitational waves and light waves behave as they travel across the universe. The data gathered through this study provided us with insight on how dimensions work in the universe and how many dimensions might exist, also, this study’s result produced information that also supported the theory of general relativity that was proposed by Einstein.

Einstein’s theory has played a vital role in helping scientists develop a better understanding of the universe, but it does not have an answer for all of our questions. For example, it has not been able to clarify why the universe seems to be constantly expanding outwards, in order to try and comprehend this expansion, scientists identify this accelerating force as “dark energy”. However, there is a lot that we do not know about it so far, some theories try to argue that this acceleration could be caused by gravity itself, these theories revolve around the belief that on larger scales, gravity acts in a different fashion from what we are used.

Researchers also tie this phenomenon to there being various dimensions in the universe that “suck in” gravitational waves as they travel through the vastness of space. As gravity leaks into these dimensions, it loses its strength and as a result, the outer regions of the universe expand since the gravitational forces there are weaker. However, this too is only based on theory, so far no one has been able to detect any instances of gravity losing strength as it travels through space.

When the GW170817 event was observed, any theory regarding the characteristics of gravity changing were dismissed, and now a recent study provides us with information that may backup theories involving other dimensions interfering with gravitational fields. This study excluded larger dimensions and argues that the GW170817 event was (despite being an immense breakthrough) easily a local cosmological event. In order to gain further insight on this topic, physicists hope to be able to observe events that take place at much larger distances, meaning events that would have occurred in the past.

The reason for this being that looking into the past will provide data on how gravitational fields and dark energy used to be and whether there has been a difference over time. While we still cannot say for sure that small dimensions exist, we have evidence that allows us to hope that such phenomenon just might actually exist in the universe.

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