Night nannies can be very hard to choose as the decision of getting a night nanny is risky on its own. However, some people find it difficult to function with new born babies. Nannies Plus Us has fully trained night nannies that don’t just watch the children but also make sure they’re given the right feeding at the right times. They have been rigorously trained for taking care of children at night and making sure they are given the right kind of attention.

Families with working parents usually find it hard to pay undivided attention to their new born babies as they already have a set routine. Nannies provide the right assistance to help families adjust to the new environment. It is difficult to provide all the feeds at the set times. Once you register as a client with Nannies Plus Us, your nannies will take over all of this. They are trained in such a way that they know everything about feedings and preparation of feeds. Why it’s alright to trust them with preparing your child’s feeds is because they have been taught the correct ways of sterilization.

In case the parents want to perform all these duties themselves, night nannies provide guidance on feedings and how to prepare them. They work with your babies in a way that puts them in a routine that can be handled by the parents themselves: A routine in which they don’t wake up in the middle of the night and make the parents dysfunctional for the next day. They also assist the baby after beast feed and help the mother with things required for breastfeeding. Nannies Plus Us has the most experienced and professional nannies that are interviewed and background checked before they’re sent to assist the parents.

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