When working with impact wrenches, it is better to know what this device is capable of. For tasks that require a higher torque, this tool is most suitable for use. It provides an exceptional torque output that assist with almost all of your toughest fastening needs. Why this is possible with an impact wrench is because it rotates at a lower speed than the highest rotational power but still ends up having the highest torque. This is made possible due to the hammering action.

As they are commonly used for higher power outputs, they come with a ½ inch square drive which makes it an even more powerful tool. This is why they have a big size. An impact wrench solves many problems around the house as this tool is very useful. The range of this device is around 13000 lbs. which makes it stronger than any impact driver. This also makes it bulkier in size but that makes it even fun to use as you can perform almost all tasks with a lot of ease. It helps makes the task of loosening and bolting even more easy as they become very easy to perform. These qualities make them extremely efficient instruments as they are ideal for all nuts and bolts making them efficient round the clock. They can be used to drive in any screws with as little effort from you as possible as power tools pros says it on their website.

However, these impressive features also makes this device slightly costly than the other drives and drills. People are usually willing to pay that extra money as those who really need that extra torque will do anything to get it and an impact wrench is the only device worth it.

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