STEMtech is a very new initiative born out of a drive to support filling the growing skills gap in STEM industries by providing opportunities to bring together policy makers, educators and employers. At STEMtech we recognise the great work already taking place at a national and local level but with 60% of the STEM workforce due to retire in the next 20 years we know there is more to do.

Our mission is simple, we want more activity, greater emphasis on the importance of teaching maths, science and technology subjects in ways that inspire, motivate and open the eyes of young people and children to possibilities and far more real co-operation and partnerships working between educators and industry. It is already happening in many places and we want to showcase and celebrate these efforts but we also know there are many areas where progress is lacking and too many students are missing out on the opportunities available in the STEM sector. We want to help change this.

We are at the beginning of this journey and hope our STEMtech conference and showcase will grow year on year and become one of a number of regular annual features where the latest developments can be shared, debated and celebrated. We will shortly be announcing some other great STEMtech features which will be rolled out over the coming year, these include:

  • STEMtech Live – STEM industry careers and jobs expos for school, college and university leavers.
  • STEMtech Scotland – our first Conference and Showcase for Scotland.
  • STEMtech e-zine – a free e-magazine for educators and industry.

We do hope you will get involved and continue with us on this journey.